A Series MMS OS Upgrade

Autonomic supports its legacy A Series MMS models with a value-add service to upgrade first generation MMS units to its second generation operating system with the A Series MMS OS Upgrade. This service helps extend the lifespan on first generation units and addresses many performance issues no longer supported on the legacy Windows OS including many third-party streaming services playback issues.

Supported Models (first generation)

  • MMS-2A

  • MMS-5A

  • SMS-002A

  • SMS-102A

  • SMS-005A

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Important Considerations

  • This upgrade will wipe all configuration and content from the MMS/SMS

  • The server will be reset to DHCP

  • Only Gen 1 MMS-2A and MMS-5A are able to receive this upgrade

  • Savant branded SMS units are eligible and will include the SMS License Upgrade

Note: For SMS units, the SMS License Upgrade is available as part of the purchase of the A Series MMS OS Upgrade. This license upgrade can occur before or after the MMS OS Upgrade. It is performed by Autonomic Technical Support and can take up to 2 business days to apply the license upgrade. Autonomic Technical Support will contact you once the license upgrade has completed.


MMS OS Upgrade Requirements

The MMS OS Upgrade requires the technician to be in possession of the unit to perform the upgrade. The following materials are required:

  • Computer running Windows 8 or greater with internet access

  • USB flash drive (2+ gigabytes)

  • USB Keyboard and HDMI/VGA Monitor


A Series MMS OS Upgrade Process

  1. Purchase the A Series MMS OS Upgrade at Autonomic.biz (dealer login required)

  2. Enter a valid MAC address for the A Series MMS (Only one MAC Address can be entered per order.)

  3. Once the order has been placed please allow up to 15 minutes for our license manager to unlock access to the MMS Field Update Utility. After 15 minutes complete steps 4 - 17 below.

  4. Download and Install the MMS Field Update Utility

    1. Found at Autonomic.biz/support (requires dealer login)

  5. Insert USB drive into the computer

  6. Run “Autonomic OS Update” As Administrator (A shortcut will be created on the desktop)

  7. Enter MMS IP address and press Check

  8. Refresh the drive list, and select your USB Drive (ALL CONTENT WILL BE WIPED FROM THE USB DRIVE)

  9. Press Go to create the USB image

  10. Once the process is complete Safely Eject the USB drive

  11. Shutdown the MMS and insert the USB in any of the ports on the rear of the unit

  12. Connect the USB Keyboard and HDMI/VGA Monitor to the MMS

  13. Boot the MMS while rapidly pressing one of the following buttons: F11 (Most Common), F2, F12, or DEL (this varies by hardware revision, and may require some trial and error)

  14. If done correctly, you will be prompted to select a boot device. Select the USB device

  15. Select Install MMSOS (The MMS will shut down when the installation is complete)

  16. Once the installation is complete and the MMS is off, remove the USB and boot the MMS

  17. The imaging process is Complete, you can now reconfigure the unit for service.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact Autonomic Technical Support at support@autonomic-controls.com or call us at +1-914-598-1647, option 2 for support.