Apple Music Setup Notes

Autonomic eSeries audio systems have the ability to support native playback of Apple Music. The Mirage Media Server (MMS), Advanced Music Bridge (AMB-1), and Mirage OS 7.0+ is required to add this feature to the system.


Setup Instructions

  1. Start by adding the Advanced Music Bridge to the system network, MMS Configuration page, and then upgrade to Mirage OS 7.0+. Click here for the Advanced Music Bridge Quick Start Guide.

  2. After the MMS has updated to Mirage OS 7.0+ and restarts, add Apple Music credentials under the Content tab on the MMS configuration.


    Note: If you have a pop-up blocker, press the Retry login button to be redirected to Apple Music’s login.
Apple Music login page


3. After entering the account credentials, a two-factor authentication request will be sent to the Apple users device.

Two-factor authentication request on Apple device

4. Enter the two-factor code received and then allow the MMS to access the Apple Music account.

5. Give the Apple Music account a unique nickname that will be visible on the MMS or any browsing UI view.

Important Note: The nickname is used to cache the Apple Music library and it’s important to use the same nickname given if the user ever needs to re-login. This will ensure the library loads quickly and does not need to re-sync the content.

6. The Apple Music account is now linked to the MMS and available to start browsing and searching through the Autonomic TuneBridge app for iOS/Android or web user interface. Additional programming may be required to add the service for browsing through a control system user interface.

Apple Music and the Advanced Music Bridge streaming features and limitations

  • Apple Music through Mirage OS 7.0 will support an unlimited number of user accounts.

    • Multiple Apple Music accounts can be signed in at the same time

  • An individual Apple Music account can playback one simultaneous stream as per Apple’s requirements.

    • A single account with a Family Subscription can playback multiple simultaneous streams.

  • The Advanced Music Bridge (AMB) can support two simultaneous streams of Apple Music (“slots”). Multiple AMBs can be used in the configuration to support more Apple Music streams, however this is limited to the number of available MMS outputs / player instance(s). (For example, an MMS-5e can support 5 simultaneous streams of music. If you add two AMB-1’s that would offer 4x simultaneous streams of Apple Music, and would leave one additional output available to stream another content service or local music simultaneously.) It does not add two additional outputs to the MMS player.

    • Routing of same content to multiple locations should take place in the amplification stage. Our eSeries Amplifiers have built in matrix functionality that seamlessly group zones together to playback the same content in multiple rooms.

  • If there is no available streaming slot on the AMB, the slot with the longest play time will be stopped and playback will restart with the new content selected.

  • Implementation includes:

    • Browsing, searching, and playback for the User Library Artists, Albums, Songs, and Playlists

    • Searching and playback for Global Apple Music Catalog Artists, Albums, Songs, and Playlists

    • “For You” Playlists

    • “Top Charts” Playlists

  • Implementation does not include:

    • Browsing or playback of Apple Music Stations

    • Lossless or Dolby Atmos

  • Playback Quality is 256kbps AAC

  • Playback is limited to the first 15 minutes per song. After 15 minutes the next track in the queue automatically starts.

  • Free Trial Accounts are not supported.

Contact Autonomic Technical Support with any troubleshooting or setup assistance at +1-914-598-1647, option 2 or click here to raise a support ticket.